January 18, 2020

New Pfizer Website Offers SSA Friendly Headache Diary Form

Pfizer Pharmaceutical has recently released a new web site called CampaignAgainstMigraine.com to help educate migraine patients about different medications and treatment options that might be available to them.   Obviously, Pfizer is a large drug manufacturing company – their migraine medications include Relprax (a triptan class medicine) – but this site is valuable in that it describes the types of migraines commonly seen, migraine triggers, questions for one’s doctor and even a migraine diary.

The migraine diary form can be especially helpful for Social Security disability claimants.  Disability judges will award benefits in migraine cases but they want to see on-going treatment records as well as evidence regarding the frequency of your migraine headaches.

Social Security defines disability in terms of your capacity to perform the duties of a simple, entry level job.  Click here to learn more about how Social Security defines the term “disability.”  If you are likely to miss 3 or 4 days per month, or if you are likely to need unplanned breaks from work once or twice a week, most vocational witnesses who appear at hearings will testify that you would not be reliable enough for competitive work.

If you are able to keep a regular migraine diary over a period of months or years, that diary can serve as valuable evidence in your case